Time Constellation Staging System State
Monday, 2020-06-22
18:55 XI0-X2 N-YLOE Ended Northern Coalition.
11:35 Tranquility K-MGJ7 Withdrawing Angel Cartel
10:46 Norgoh Fora Established Amarr Empire
00:20 ZW-BY5 EX-0LQ Withdrawing The Watchmen.
Sunday, 2020-06-21
17:05 Subhatoub Seitam Ended Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2020-06-20
22:35 Subhatoub Seitam Withdrawing Amarr Empire
20:40 Fua Amod Established Amarr Empire
11:35 Tranquility K-MGJ7 Mobilizing Angel Cartel
00:20 ZW-BY5 EX-0LQ Mobilizing The Watchmen.
Friday, 2020-06-19
22:35 XI0-X2 N-YLOE Established Northern Coalition.
17:00 Fabai Sakht Ended Amarr Empire
00:35 C45-9Y C-0ND2 Ended Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies
Thursday, 2020-06-18
23:30 Tranquility K-MGJ7 Established Angel Cartel
22:35 Subhatoub Seitam Mobilizing Amarr Empire
07:40 Fabai Sakht Mobilizing Amarr Empire
00:45 3-PC31 K-9UG4 Ended Evictus.
00:30 C45-9Y C-0ND2 Withdrawing Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies
Wednesday, 2020-06-17
14:00 Subhatoub Seitam Established Amarr Empire
04:40 ZW-BY5 EX-0LQ Established The Watchmen.
Tuesday, 2020-06-16
20:25 3-PC31 K-9UG4 Established Evictus.