Time Constellation Staging System State
Wednesday, 2015-06-10
00:00 6JCS-4 BUZ-DB Withdrawing Brave Collective
Tuesday, 2015-06-09
09:00 Yestadan Cailanar Established Amarr Empire
06:00 O5QG-M ZJG-7D Established The Army of Mango Alliance
Monday, 2015-06-08
23:00 Mayonhen Mishi Mobilizing Amarr Empire
23:00 QA-P7J 8G-2FP Established Red Alliance
22:00 Ravin Kerying Established Amarr Empire
16:00 Orshed Buftiar Established Ammatar Mandate
11:00 GU-JZ1 JEQG-7 Ended UNREAL Alliance
07:00 I9B-8X SI-I89 Ended The Rogue Consortium
01:00 6JCS-4 BUZ-DB Mobilizing Brave Collective
Sunday, 2015-06-07
23:00 Kainokai Ajanen Ended Caldari State
21:00 Mimishia Unkah Ended Amarr Empire
14:00 Seevadin Upt Ended Khanid Kingdom
10:00 GU-JZ1 JEQG-7 Withdrawing UNREAL Alliance
08:00 Seevadin Upt Withdrawing Khanid Kingdom
07:00 I9B-8X SI-I89 Withdrawing The Rogue Consortium
Friday, 2015-06-05
22:00 Mimishia Unkah Established Amarr Empire
11:00 GU-JZ1 JEQG-7 Mobilizing UNREAL Alliance
08:00 Seevadin Upt Mobilizing Khanid Kingdom
07:00 I9B-8X SI-I89 Mobilizing The Rogue Consortium