Time Constellation Staging System State
Tuesday, 2019-06-04
10:05 GN-ACS VLGD-R Withdrawing The Syndicate
06:05 0EA3-8 4CJ-AC Mobilizing Caldari Armed Forces.
Monday, 2019-06-03
18:50 Woenckee Muetralle Established Gallente Federation
03:20 Urtfer Jorus Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
Sunday, 2019-06-02
14:55 U-EUG7 8EF-58 Established Fraternity.
11:35 Eugidi Vimeini Ended Minmatar Republic
10:05 GN-ACS VLGD-R Mobilizing The Syndicate
Saturday, 2019-06-01
18:20 9D1V-O IPX-H5 Ended Test Alliance Please Ignore
08:05 Eugidi Vimeini Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
Friday, 2019-05-31
23:10 9D1V-O IPX-H5 Mobilizing Test Alliance Please Ignore
21:15 Jonar Anbald Ended Minmatar Republic
17:05 GN-ACS VLGD-R Established The Syndicate
11:10 Jonar Anbald Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
Thursday, 2019-05-30
21:30 Stadakorn Situner Ended Minmatar Republic
19:25 Stadakorn Situner Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
15:20 Eugidi Vimeini Established Minmatar Republic
14:05 0EA3-8 4CJ-AC Established Caldari Armed Forces.
13:50 8BO-IH K-L690 Ended The Hivemind Federation Alliance
Wednesday, 2019-05-29
16:25 K-ZKBM O7-7UX Ended Warped Intentions
14:15 K-ZKBM O7-7UX Withdrawing Warped Intentions