Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2019-08-01
14:30 4ZXC-8 5-IH57 Mobilizing No Value
11:50 Serthoulde Athounon Ended Gallente Federation
03:40 BZ-10K X7R-JW Established Siberian Squads
Wednesday, 2019-07-31
23:35 Aptetter Libold Established Minmatar Republic
14:10 Serthoulde Athounon Withdrawing Gallente Federation
10:45 GJH-1C OEG-K9 Ended The Therapists
Tuesday, 2019-07-30
20:35 Argeir Klaevik Ended Minmatar Republic
16:55 YZKE-Q DB1R-4 Mobilizing Invidia Gloriae Comes
10:45 GJH-1C OEG-K9 Withdrawing The Therapists
04:10 Argeir Klaevik Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
Monday, 2019-07-29
14:10 Serthoulde Athounon Mobilizing Gallente Federation
04:15 4ZXC-8 5-IH57 Established No Value
Sunday, 2019-07-28
10:45 GJH-1C OEG-K9 Mobilizing The Therapists
04:10 Argeir Klaevik Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
Saturday, 2019-07-27
23:50 5Y1E-3 M-MBRT Ended Fraternity.
07:15 YZKE-Q DB1R-4 Established Invidia Gloriae Comes
Friday, 2019-07-26
23:50 5Y1E-3 M-MBRT Withdrawing Fraternity.
10:00 GU-JZ1 JEQG-7 Ended Iron Crown
Thursday, 2019-07-25
22:55 Serthoulde Athounon Established Gallente Federation
20:55 GJH-1C OEG-K9 Established The Therapists