Time Constellation Staging System State
Saturday, 2019-12-14
16:10 GJH-1C OEG-K9 Mobilizing Legion of xXDEATHXx
10:30 4-QV2L XEN7-0 Withdrawing Dangerous Voltage
Friday, 2019-12-13
05:15 GJH-1C OEG-K9 Established Legion of xXDEATHXx
Thursday, 2019-12-12
17:45 Kurala Prism Mobilizing Caldari State
10:25 4-QV2L XEN7-0 Mobilizing Dangerous Voltage
06:35 Goins Stoure Established Gallente Federation
Wednesday, 2019-12-11
19:30 QP6B-I 6-IAFR Ended Requiem Eternal
15:00 ZQ7-QS YF-P4X Established Legion of xXDEATHXx
Tuesday, 2019-12-10
23:20 QP6B-I 6-IAFR Withdrawing Requiem Eternal
21:50 Ysiette Aclan Ended Gallente Federation
13:45 7-ZDOK XME-SW Ended Circle of Hell
11:20 Kurala Prism Established Caldari State
01:25 4-QV2L XEN7-0 Established Dangerous Voltage
00:40 Ysiette Aclan Withdrawing Gallente Federation
Monday, 2019-12-09
16:20 Selonat Ned Ended Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2019-12-08
23:20 QP6B-I 6-IAFR Mobilizing Requiem Eternal
21:15 Selonat Ned Mobilizing Amarr Empire
20:00 WXB-RY 8B-A4E Ended Fraternity.
19:05 7-ZDOK XME-SW Mobilizing Circle of Hell
00:40 Ysiette Aclan Mobilizing Gallente Federation