Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2020-05-21
19:25 Selonat Ned Ended Amarr Empire
16:25 8AO-5V 8KE-YS Established Solyaris Chtonium
08:15 YDS0-Y C-DHON Mobilizing Pandemic Horde
04:15 Selonat Ned Withdrawing Amarr Empire
00:15 8T-OLH 5-9UXZ Established Test Alliance Please Ignore
Wednesday, 2020-05-20
08:00 U29-0S U54-1L Ended Scumlords
01:35 Aokinen Astoh Mobilizing Caldari State
Tuesday, 2020-05-19
10:25 NPL-WH DJ-GBH Ended Circle of Hell
07:55 U29-0S U54-1L Withdrawing Scumlords
04:10 Selonat Ned Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Monday, 2020-05-18
10:25 NPL-WH DJ-GBH Withdrawing Circle of Hell
Sunday, 2020-05-17
14:05 Selonat Ned Established Amarr Empire
08:00 U29-0S U54-1L Mobilizing Scumlords
Saturday, 2020-05-16
19:35 YDS0-Y C-DHON Established Pandemic Horde
19:25 Homroon Neda Ended Khanid Kingdom
10:30 NPL-WH DJ-GBH Mobilizing Circle of Hell
09:05 Homroon Neda Withdrawing Khanid Kingdom
04:00 Aokinen Astoh Established Caldari State
02:35 U29-0S U54-1L Established Scumlords
Friday, 2020-05-15
10:25 Sosarir Shumam Ended Amarr Empire