Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2019-09-27
23:15 Q-2BI6 FN-GFQ Withdrawing Test Alliance Please Ignore
17:40 Tranquility K-MGJ7 Withdrawing Angel Cartel
09:20 Seevadin Upt Established Khanid Kingdom
Thursday, 2019-09-26
21:20 Orshed Buftiar Ended Ammatar Mandate
06:45 Jakemhih Misaba Ended Amarr Empire
03:55 3RU-10 IO-R2S Mobilizing Fraternity.
Wednesday, 2019-09-25
23:20 Q-2BI6 FN-GFQ Mobilizing Test Alliance Please Ignore
17:45 Tranquility K-MGJ7 Mobilizing Angel Cartel
15:05 Jakemhih Misaba Withdrawing Amarr Empire
13:30 Orshed Buftiar Mobilizing Ammatar Mandate
Tuesday, 2019-09-24
15:35 Q-2BI6 FN-GFQ Established Test Alliance Please Ignore
Monday, 2019-09-23
19:50 F5-O9O OQTY-Z Ended Legion of xXDEATHXx
15:05 Jakemhih Misaba Mobilizing Amarr Empire
13:15 F5-O9O OQTY-Z Withdrawing Legion of xXDEATHXx
Sunday, 2019-09-22
20:55 Orshed Buftiar Established Ammatar Mandate
20:15 Tranquility K-MGJ7 Established Angel Cartel
08:00 3RU-10 IO-R2S Established Fraternity.
01:20 Maseend Ana Ended Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2019-09-21
13:15 F5-O9O OQTY-Z Mobilizing Legion of xXDEATHXx
11:25 Maseend Ana Withdrawing Amarr Empire