Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2018-12-14
18:40 Mazake Sakhti Ended Amarr Empire
16:50 XFLN-F DW-T2I Withdrawing Pod Me Daddy
16:25 Mazake Sakhti Withdrawing Amarr Empire
15:40 X-FHU3 33CE-7 Withdrawing Pandemic Legion
Thursday, 2018-12-13
20:10 MRC-29 PKN-NJ Withdrawing Circle of Hell
Wednesday, 2018-12-12
22:40 Pietanen Jotenen Established Caldari State
16:55 XFLN-F DW-T2I Mobilizing Pod Me Daddy
16:25 Mazake Sakhti Mobilizing Amarr Empire
15:40 X-FHU3 33CE-7 Mobilizing Pandemic Legion
Tuesday, 2018-12-11
20:15 MRC-29 PKN-NJ Mobilizing Circle of Hell
18:05 Moghiz Yehnifi Ended Amarr Empire
13:40 Norgoh Fora Established Amarr Empire
Monday, 2018-12-10
18:30 Mulata Hizhara Ended Amarr Empire
16:50 Umamon Saranen Established Caldari State
14:35 Mulata Hizhara Withdrawing Amarr Empire
02:20 Moghiz Yehnifi Mobilizing Amarr Empire
00:25 XFLN-F DW-T2I Established Pod Me Daddy
Sunday, 2018-12-09
14:45 Ombil Yekh Ended Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2018-12-08
23:25 Ombil Yekh Established Amarr Empire
20:25 X-FHU3 33CE-7 Established Pandemic Legion