Time Constellation Staging System State
Saturday, 2020-11-28
21:30 09-4XW ZXA-V6 Mobilizing The Stars of northern moon
18:05 Almur Sakulda Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
08:05 MY-QQI Z8-81T Ended Rezeda Regnum
Friday, 2020-11-27
11:15 09-4XW ZXA-V6 Established The Stars of northern moon
09:45 Mulata Hizhara Established Amarr Empire
08:05 MY-QQI Z8-81T Withdrawing Rezeda Regnum
07:45 O5PO-O AK-L0Z Established Azure Citizen
Thursday, 2020-11-26
18:05 Nohshayess Sazre Ended Khanid Kingdom
18:05 Almur Sakulda Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
08:05 P-I9PF V-KDY2 Ended Valkyrie Alliance
Wednesday, 2020-11-25
11:35 Nohshayess Sazre Mobilizing Khanid Kingdom
08:05 MY-QQI Z8-81T Mobilizing Rezeda Regnum
08:05 P-I9PF V-KDY2 Withdrawing Valkyrie Alliance
06:10 Almur Sakulda Established Minmatar Republic
00:00 UTQ-BO ZZZR-5 Withdrawing WE FORM V0LTA
Tuesday, 2020-11-24
11:50 Mallugier Amasiree Ended Gallente Federation
Monday, 2020-11-23
08:20 Nohshayess Sazre Established Khanid Kingdom
08:00 P-I9PF V-KDY2 Mobilizing Valkyrie Alliance
02:00 Mallugier Amasiree Established Gallente Federation