Incursion History

Time Constellation Staging System State
Saturday, 2018-04-21
07:00 Yestadan Cailanar Mobilizing Amarr Empire
01:00 YFN-UN XYY-IA Withdrawing The Syndicate
Friday, 2018-04-20
23:00 ZPI-2E FMH-OV Ended Fraternity.
22:00 Nadire Esmes Withdrawing Gallente Federation
19:00 Amdimmah Moniyyuku Mobilizing Khanid Kingdom
15:00 ZPI-2E FMH-OV Established Fraternity.
08:00 D5-SOW 4O-239 Mobilizing Goonswarm Federation
05:00 Osnins Aice Established Gallente Federation
Thursday, 2018-04-19
03:00 ZYR-NF F-3H2P Ended Requiem Eternal
01:00 YFN-UN XYY-IA Mobilizing The Syndicate
Wednesday, 2018-04-18
22:00 Nadire Esmes Mobilizing Gallente Federation
18:00 Nimedaz Chaktaren Ended Amarr Empire
10:00 Nimedaz Chaktaren Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Tuesday, 2018-04-17
11:00 ZYR-NF F-3H2P Established Requiem Eternal
02:00 Nadire Esmes Established Gallente Federation
Monday, 2018-04-16
23:00 D5-SOW 4O-239 Established Goonswarm Federation
21:00 Amdimmah Moniyyuku Established Khanid Kingdom
20:00 Q-PVMK U3K-4A Ended Thukker Tribe
10:00 Nimedaz Chaktaren Mobilizing Amarr Empire
09:00 Yestadan Cailanar Established Amarr Empire