Incursion History

Time Constellation Staging System State
Monday, 2017-12-11
15:00 Mossas Shala Withdrawing Ammatar Mandate
01:00 YFN-UN XYY-IA Established The Syndicate
00:00 AV-SCL BGN1-O Established Wings Wanderers
Sunday, 2017-12-10
17:00 PGPJ-8 YX-0KH Mobilizing Shadow of xXDEATHXx
16:00 Nohshayess Sazre Established Khanid Kingdom
02:00 YDS0-Y C-DHON Ended Infinity Space.
Saturday, 2017-12-09
22:00 HOV-VI I-9GI1 Ended
21:00 Ryra Thasinaz Ended Amarr Empire
18:00 Ancbeu Chesiette Established Gallente Federation
16:00 Ryra Thasinaz Withdrawing Amarr Empire
15:00 Mossas Shala Mobilizing Ammatar Mandate
09:00 EVE New Eden Established Amarr Empire
02:00 YDS0-Y C-DHON Withdrawing Infinity Space.
Friday, 2017-12-08
22:00 HOV-VI I-9GI1 Withdrawing
15:00 Mimishia Unkah Ended Amarr Empire
13:00 Anama Maalna Ended Amarr Empire
03:00 Mimishia Unkah Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Thursday, 2017-12-07
23:00 Anama Maalna Mobilizing Amarr Empire
16:00 Ryra Thasinaz Mobilizing Amarr Empire
14:00 PGPJ-8 YX-0KH Established Shadow of xXDEATHXx