Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2019-07-18
12:50 F-V9QW Y-ZXIO Withdrawing Forsaken Empire.
07:40 H-6HGD 0-WT2D Withdrawing Goonswarm Federation
02:10 Ravin Kerying Established Amarr Empire
Wednesday, 2019-07-17
11:40 EVE New Eden Ended Amarr Empire
Tuesday, 2019-07-16
20:00 0HD-6C 42XJ-N Mobilizing Guristas Pirates
17:15 Charak Abhan Established Amarr Empire
12:45 F-V9QW Y-ZXIO Mobilizing Forsaken Empire.
07:40 H-6HGD 0-WT2D Mobilizing Goonswarm Federation
05:00 EVE New Eden Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Monday, 2019-07-15
19:25 Damadil Perdan Ended Amarr Empire
01:05 Damadil Perdan Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2019-07-14
16:25 F-V9QW Y-ZXIO Established Forsaken Empire.
07:55 0HD-6C 42XJ-N Established Guristas Pirates
Saturday, 2019-07-13
02:15 H-6HGD 0-WT2D Established Goonswarm Federation
01:05 Damadil Perdan Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Friday, 2019-07-12
19:35 49A-BZ A-SJ8X Ended The Syndicate
16:55 3RU-10 IO-R2S Ended Fraternity.
08:00 B-D245 W9-TFD Ended Circle of Hell
Thursday, 2019-07-11
19:35 49A-BZ A-SJ8X Withdrawing The Syndicate
16:55 3RU-10 IO-R2S Withdrawing Fraternity.