Time Constellation Staging System State
Sunday, 2019-11-24
08:55 Mareerieh Vehan Established Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2019-11-23
18:50 Orvanne Gererique Ended Gallente Federation
12:05 TA-A7V I-YGGI Mobilizing The Syndicate
11:35 Akar Baratar Ended Khanid Kingdom
04:35 Orvanne Gererique Mobilizing Gallente Federation
01:05 4R-HUN IF-KD1 Established Northern Coalition.
Friday, 2019-11-22
12:30 Akar Baratar Mobilizing Khanid Kingdom
02:40 Orvanne Gererique Established Gallente Federation
Thursday, 2019-11-21
22:00 D-YKXH QZ1-OH Established Northern Coalition.
15:55 N5V-Y0 KS-1TS Ended Red Alliance
Wednesday, 2019-11-20
21:05 Ichida Malpara Ended Amarr Empire
15:55 N5V-Y0 KS-1TS Withdrawing Red Alliance
08:00 7ZRW-G Q1-R7K Ended Test Alliance Please Ignore
01:30 Ichida Malpara Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Tuesday, 2019-11-19
22:40 Akar Baratar Established Khanid Kingdom
15:10 TA-A7V I-YGGI Established The Syndicate
11:15 7ZRW-G Q1-R7K Established Test Alliance Please Ignore
Monday, 2019-11-18
15:55 N5V-Y0 KS-1TS Mobilizing Red Alliance
11:45 Jakemhih Misaba Ended Amarr Empire
10:15 DITJ-X 1QZ-Y9 Ended Dragons of Yggdrasil