Time Constellation Staging System State
Tuesday, 2020-01-21
21:25 Yrton DY-F70 Mobilizing The Initiative.
21:25 8AO-5V 8KE-YS Established Solyaris Chtonium
11:30 Anama Maalna Ended Amarr Empire
03:05 5J-SSP AFJ-NB Ended Brave Collective
Monday, 2020-01-20
14:05 VNX-P0 I-UUI5 Established DARKNESS.
08:50 Yrton DY-F70 Established The Initiative.
08:15 Moghiz Yehnifi Mobilizing Amarr Empire
03:45 5J-SSP AFJ-NB Established Brave Collective
Sunday, 2020-01-19
22:20 C45-9Y C-0ND2 Ended Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies
14:15 C45-9Y C-0ND2 Withdrawing Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies
13:55 KUSW-P RBW-8G Ended Test Alliance Please Ignore
10:05 Anama Maalna Established Amarr Empire
00:05 F5-O9O OQTY-Z Ended Legion of xXDEATHXx
Saturday, 2020-01-18
22:15 F5-O9O OQTY-Z Withdrawing Legion of xXDEATHXx
16:40 Moghiz Yehnifi Established Amarr Empire
13:55 KUSW-P RBW-8G Withdrawing Test Alliance Please Ignore
11:35 Ishaga Hikkoken Ended Caldari State
00:00 Unour Vilinnon Ended Gallente Federation
Friday, 2020-01-17
14:15 C45-9Y C-0ND2 Mobilizing Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies
Thursday, 2020-01-16
22:10 F5-O9O OQTY-Z Mobilizing Legion of xXDEATHXx