Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2019-11-08
03:50 Eustron Andole Established Gallente Federation
Thursday, 2019-11-07
19:15 L-H07K U1-C18 Ended Invidia Gloriae Comes
13:50 L-H07K U1-C18 Withdrawing Invidia Gloriae Comes
09:50 AGI1-F QFRV-2 Ended Circle of Hell
08:30 Tendrara Arza Ended Amarr Empire
04:45 T-HHHT J6QB-P Withdrawing The Watchmen.
02:50 AGI1-F QFRV-2 Withdrawing Circle of Hell
Wednesday, 2019-11-06
20:00 Argeir Klaevik Ended Minmatar Republic
10:55 Tendrara Arza Mobilizing Amarr Empire
04:25 Argeir Klaevik Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
Tuesday, 2019-11-05
13:45 L-H07K U1-C18 Mobilizing Invidia Gloriae Comes
04:50 T-HHHT J6QB-P Mobilizing The Watchmen.
02:55 AGI1-F QFRV-2 Mobilizing Circle of Hell
02:35 Tendrara Arza Established Amarr Empire
Monday, 2019-11-04
12:30 Serthoulde Athounon Ended Gallente Federation
04:25 Argeir Klaevik Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
Sunday, 2019-11-03
19:05 AGI1-F QFRV-2 Established Circle of Hell
16:15 Serthoulde Athounon Withdrawing Gallente Federation
04:25 L-H07K U1-C18 Established Invidia Gloriae Comes
00:50 Argeir Klaevik Established Minmatar Republic