Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2019-03-15
14:25 A21H-Z 3JN9-Q Mobilizing DARKNESS.
04:05 Febihkin Dantan Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Thursday, 2019-03-14
21:00 Aokinen Astoh Mobilizing Caldari State
16:25 San Matar Zaid Established Ammatar Mandate
15:30 Meli Naka Established Amarr Empire
07:10 A21H-Z 3JN9-Q Established DARKNESS.
Wednesday, 2019-03-13
18:35 WS5L-X H-EBQG Mobilizing Brothers of Tangra
12:30 Alpakian Rafeme Ended Khanid Kingdom
12:30 Aokinen Astoh Established Caldari State
06:15 Qermi Lazara Ended Amarr Empire
04:10 Febihkin Dantan Mobilizing Amarr Empire
01:45 W-3E44 JV1V-O Established Legion of xXDEATHXx
Tuesday, 2019-03-12
19:55 Maddam Chesoh Ended Amarr Empire
19:30 R2-BT6 450I-W Ended Test Alliance Please Ignore
17:10 Alpakian Rafeme Withdrawing Khanid Kingdom
17:05 Qermi Lazara Withdrawing Amarr Empire
09:50 Maddam Chesoh Withdrawing Amarr Empire
03:25 Febihkin Dantan Established Amarr Empire
Monday, 2019-03-11
17:40 R2-BT6 450I-W Mobilizing Test Alliance Please Ignore
16:45 BUG6-X 5ZO-NZ Ended Northern Coalition.