Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2016-06-03
02:00 Orvanne Gererique Mobilizing Gallente Federation
Thursday, 2016-06-02
05:00 LWMW-6 L5Y4-M Established Pan-Intergalatic Business Community
Wednesday, 2016-06-01
17:00 Gedur Abrat Established Minmatar Republic
03:00 VSC-W9 NIF-JE Ended The Hivemind Federation Alliance
Tuesday, 2016-05-31
22:00 Norgoh Fora Ended Amarr Empire
21:00 Kalangin Lachailes Established Ammatar Mandate
14:00 Norgoh Fora Withdrawing Amarr Empire
07:00 6-V49K EF-F36 Established The Syndicate
03:00 VSC-W9 NIF-JE Withdrawing The Hivemind Federation Alliance
Monday, 2016-05-30
18:00 Ichida Malpara Ended Amarr Empire
10:00 8K-CHA 9-KWXC Established Pandemic Horde
Sunday, 2016-05-29
23:00 Maal Bapraya Established Amarr Empire
14:00 B-MQ0Y EF-QZK Ended Pan-Intergalatic Business Community
14:00 Norgoh Fora Mobilizing Amarr Empire
11:00 1G-8KY 9-R6GU Ended Guristas Pirates
03:00 VSC-W9 NIF-JE Mobilizing The Hivemind Federation Alliance
03:00 Orvanne Gererique Established Gallente Federation
Saturday, 2016-05-28
18:00 Ichida Malpara Mobilizing Amarr Empire
14:00 B-MQ0Y EF-QZK Withdrawing Pan-Intergalatic Business Community
11:00 1G-8KY 9-R6GU Withdrawing Guristas Pirates