Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2015-09-24
10:00 DA0V-R T-67F8 Withdrawing Hard Knocks Associates
04:00 Subhatoub Seitam Mobilizing Amarr Empire
04:00 Elalan Aydoteaux Mobilizing Gallente Federation
Wednesday, 2015-09-23
19:00 RHG-4O NLO-3Z Mobilizing Invidia Gloriae Comes
01:00 LN-L8L E-Z2ZX Established Snuffed Out
Tuesday, 2015-09-22
11:00 Pezarba Hiremir Established Amarr Empire
10:00 DA0V-R T-67F8 Mobilizing Hard Knocks Associates
02:00 Elalan Aydoteaux Established Gallente Federation
Monday, 2015-09-21
18:00 Ajah Sizamod Established Amarr Empire
15:00 Sphinx IGE-RI Ended The Initiative.
15:00 Urpiken Kehjari Ended Caldari State
Sunday, 2015-09-20
20:00 Oraron Akeva Ended Ammatar Mandate
19:00 Oraron Akeva Withdrawing Ammatar Mandate
19:00 Nasorin Azhgabid Ended Amarr Empire
15:00 Sphinx IGE-RI Withdrawing The Initiative.
10:00 RHG-4O NLO-3Z Established Invidia Gloriae Comes
Saturday, 2015-09-19
20:00 Subhatoub Seitam Established Amarr Empire
17:00 DA0V-R T-67F8 Established Hard Knocks Associates
07:00 OSJ7-I FMBR-8 Ended Northern Coalition.
Friday, 2015-09-18
23:00 Nasorin Azhgabid Mobilizing Amarr Empire