Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2015-09-18
21:00 Maddam Chesoh Ended Amarr Empire
20:00 X-VN63 0-YMBJ Ended Hazardous Company
19:00 Oraron Akeva Mobilizing Ammatar Mandate
15:00 Sphinx IGE-RI Mobilizing The Initiative.
06:00 Urpiken Kehjari Established Caldari State
Thursday, 2015-09-17
18:00 Maddam Chesoh Mobilizing Amarr Empire
13:00 OSJ7-I FMBR-8 Established Northern Coalition.
Wednesday, 2015-09-16
21:00 Ganoure Kenninck Ended Gallente Federation
19:00 Ganoure Kenninck Withdrawing Gallente Federation
17:00 B-MQ0Y EF-QZK Ended Pan-Intergalatic Business Community
11:00 X-VN63 0-YMBJ Established Hazardous Company
Tuesday, 2015-09-15
17:00 B-MQ0Y EF-QZK Withdrawing Pan-Intergalatic Business Community
09:00 Nasorin Azhgabid Established Amarr Empire
03:00 XFLN-F DW-T2I Ended Ranger Regiment
Monday, 2015-09-14
22:00 Maddam Chesoh Established Amarr Empire
19:00 Ganoure Kenninck Mobilizing Gallente Federation
10:00 Oraron Akeva Established Ammatar Mandate
06:00 Sphinx IGE-RI Established The Initiative.
05:00 Stadakorn Situner Ended Minmatar Republic
Sunday, 2015-09-13
22:00 Kehina Nalu Ended Amarr Empire