Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2015-12-10
06:00 Wyllequet Croleur Established Gallente Federation
03:00 Braille Vevelonel Mobilizing Gallente Federation
Wednesday, 2015-12-09
17:00 Mobit Narai Ended Amarr Empire
16:00 Oraron Akeva Ended Ammatar Mandate
16:00 YX-LYK MJXW-P Established Goonswarm Federation
09:00 N-K4Q0 OEY-OR Ended The Society of Conscious Thought
05:00 Oraron Akeva Mobilizing Ammatar Mandate
00:00 Panorad Oraekja Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
Tuesday, 2015-12-08
18:00 C-ULS4 P7Z-R3 Established Caladrius Alliance
17:00 EL8Z-M U79-JF Ended Rezeda Regnum
13:00 Mobit Narai Mobilizing Amarr Empire
10:00 N-K4Q0 OEY-OR Withdrawing The Society of Conscious Thought
10:00 Tandoiras Haras Established Amarr Empire
Monday, 2015-12-07
23:00 Panorad Oraekja Established Minmatar Republic
17:00 EL8Z-M U79-JF Withdrawing Rezeda Regnum
16:00 Yestadan Cailanar Ended Amarr Empire
10:00 J33-JR TFPT-U Ended Lord of Worlds Alliance
09:00 Braille Vevelonel Established Gallente Federation
Sunday, 2015-12-06
19:00 Brazinget Lumegen Ended Minmatar Republic
14:00 Akar Baratar Ended Khanid Kingdom