Time Constellation Staging System State
Sunday, 2015-12-06
10:00 J33-JR TFPT-U Withdrawing Lord of Worlds Alliance
09:00 N-K4Q0 OEY-OR Mobilizing The Society of Conscious Thought
07:00 Brazinget Lumegen Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
02:00 Sosarir Shumam Established Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2015-12-05
23:00 Yestadan Cailanar Established Amarr Empire
20:00 Selonat Ned Established Amarr Empire
17:00 EL8Z-M U79-JF Mobilizing Rezeda Regnum
13:00 Mobit Narai Established Amarr Empire
05:00 Maal Bapraya Ended Amarr Empire
05:00 Vaarma Sosala Ended Amarr Empire
05:00 Oraron Akeva Established Ammatar Mandate
02:00 Sib Moro Ended Khanid Kingdom
Friday, 2015-12-04
21:00 Akar Baratar Mobilizing Khanid Kingdom
14:00 Kiartanne Theruesse Ended Gallente Federation
14:00 Osta Obrolber Ended Minmatar Republic
10:00 J33-JR TFPT-U Mobilizing Lord of Worlds Alliance
10:00 Brazinget Lumegen Established Minmatar Republic
06:00 Sib Moro Mobilizing Khanid Kingdom
05:00 Maal Bapraya Withdrawing Amarr Empire
05:00 Vaarma Sosala Withdrawing Amarr Empire