Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2015-08-20
14:00 Afinoo Hier Ended Amarr Empire
Wednesday, 2015-08-19
06:00 0FC-ZX J7-BDX Established Destiny's Call
Tuesday, 2015-08-18
22:00 NPL-WH DJ-GBH Mobilizing Circle of Hell
21:00 Goins Stoure Mobilizing Gallente Federation
20:00 Kekah Harva Mobilizing Amarr Empire
19:00 Mobit Narai Mobilizing Amarr Empire
09:00 OWT3-6 XR-ZL7 Established No Visual.
Monday, 2015-08-17
19:00 XHL-TZ DK0-N8 Ended Hard Knocks Associates
13:00 Goins Stoure Established Gallente Federation
06:00 D4J-PP P-ZWKH Ended Pan-Intergalatic Business Community
00:00 Afinoo Hier Established Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2015-08-16
20:00 Erada Loguttur Ended Minmatar Republic
19:00 XHL-TZ DK0-N8 Withdrawing Hard Knocks Associates
09:00 NPL-WH DJ-GBH Established Circle of Hell
06:00 D4J-PP P-ZWKH Withdrawing Pan-Intergalatic Business Community
Saturday, 2015-08-15
23:00 Mobit Narai Established Amarr Empire
20:00 Nadire Esmes Ended Gallente Federation
11:00 Nadire Esmes Withdrawing Gallente Federation
11:00 Kekah Harva Established Amarr Empire
07:00 Erada Loguttur Mobilizing Minmatar Republic