Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2015-09-03
18:00 8MJO-4 L-AS00 Withdrawing The Army of Mango Alliance
18:00 Asalola Torrinos Mobilizing Caldari State
12:00 Serthoulde Athounon Established Gallente Federation
Wednesday, 2015-09-02
20:00 Kurala Prism Ended Caldari State
08:00 Kurala Prism Withdrawing Caldari State
00:00 304-QS B-GC1T Established Blood Demons Alliance
Tuesday, 2015-09-01
18:00 8MJO-4 L-AS00 Mobilizing The Army of Mango Alliance
15:00 Naloran Akhmoh Established Amarr Empire
01:00 Asalola Torrinos Established Caldari State
Monday, 2015-08-31
23:00 Damadil Perdan Established Amarr Empire
21:00 Kraken Z30S-A Ended Infensus
19:00 Kiartanne Theruesse Ended Gallente Federation
11:00 Kiartanne Theruesse Established Gallente Federation
08:00 Kurala Prism Mobilizing Caldari State
02:00 JZV-O6 FZ-6A5 Established Tactical Supremacy
Sunday, 2015-08-30
20:00 Kraken Z30S-A Withdrawing Infensus
20:00 Mossas Shala Ended Ammatar Mandate
15:00 Fabas Heorah Ended Amarr Empire
09:00 Mossas Shala Established Ammatar Mandate
01:00 PFL-QY T-4H0B Ended Northern Coalition.