Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2016-02-12
18:00 Outartoh Ono Withdrawing Caldari State
17:00 DS-M4Q 0EK-NJ Withdrawing The Syndicate
16:00 Mobit Narai Ended Amarr Empire
15:00 K-ZKBM O7-7UX Mobilizing Warped Intentions
14:00 Mobit Narai Withdrawing Amarr Empire
14:00 Lorundio Asgeir Established Minmatar Republic
13:00 Armi Arodan Established Amarr Empire
Thursday, 2016-02-11
18:00 Kalangin Lachailes Ended Ammatar Mandate
16:00 Skaven F-88PJ Mobilizing Infensus
13:00 Kihkounad Partod Ended Amarr Empire
08:00 K-ZKBM O7-7UX Established Warped Intentions
Wednesday, 2016-02-10
18:00 Outartoh Ono Mobilizing Caldari State
17:00 DS-M4Q 0EK-NJ Mobilizing The Syndicate
14:00 Mobit Narai Mobilizing Amarr Empire
06:00 Kalangin Lachailes Mobilizing Ammatar Mandate
05:00 Skaven F-88PJ Established Infensus
Tuesday, 2016-02-09
23:00 0FC-ZX J7-BDX Ended Union Pay
16:19 Selonat Ned Ended Amarr Empire
16:19 Jayai Sosan Ended Amarr Empire
13:00 Kihkounad Partod Mobilizing Amarr Empire