Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2015-07-17
01:00 Jatari Khabara Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Thursday, 2015-07-16
16:00 F-RA63 RF-CN3 Ended FATAL ORDER
07:00 8BO-IH K-L690 Ended The Hivemind Federation Alliance
Wednesday, 2015-07-15
23:00 F-RA63 RF-CN3 Withdrawing FATAL ORDER
10:00 V2S-RH 04-EHC Mobilizing Repeater Assult Collective
07:00 8BO-IH K-L690 Withdrawing The Hivemind Federation Alliance
01:00 Jatari Khabara Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Tuesday, 2015-07-14
19:00 Enka Palpis Established Amarr Empire
12:00 Mazake Sakhti Established Amarr Empire
09:00 Fekhoya Balanaz Established Khanid Kingdom
Monday, 2015-07-13
20:00 Panoumid Nare Ended Amarr Empire
19:00 Trigentia Akhwa Ended Amarr Empire
17:00 F-RA63 RF-CN3 Mobilizing FATAL ORDER
16:00 Brazinget Lumegen Ended Minmatar Republic
07:00 Brazinget Lumegen Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
07:00 8BO-IH K-L690 Mobilizing The Hivemind Federation Alliance
03:00 Trigentia Akhwa Established Amarr Empire
02:00 Panoumid Nare Established Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2015-07-12
23:00 Jatari Khabara Established Amarr Empire
05:00 Chardu Lahnina Ended Amarr Empire