Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2015-03-27
19:00 Budar Ibani Ended Khanid Kingdom
15:00 Mayonhen Mishi Withdrawing Amarr Empire
05:30 Daredan Akes Established Amarr Empire
02:30 Budar Ibani Withdrawing Khanid Kingdom
02:30 Mossas Shala Established Ammatar Mandate
Thursday, 2015-03-26
20:00 UD-ZJ3 BK4-YC Mobilizing Care Factor
09:30 VSC-W9 NIF-JE Established Dragon Empire.
Wednesday, 2015-03-25
20:00 Pietanen Jotenen Ended Caldari State
19:00 Gedur Abrat Ended Minmatar Republic
19:00 Y46-EN 7-ZT1Y Ended Evictus.
14:30 Mayonhen Mishi Mobilizing Amarr Empire
03:00 Pietanen Jotenen Mobilizing Caldari State
03:00 Budar Ibani Mobilizing Khanid Kingdom
Tuesday, 2015-03-24
23:00 Gedur Abrat Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
19:00 Y46-EN 7-ZT1Y Withdrawing Evictus.
09:30 Mayonhen Mishi Established Amarr Empire
07:00 UD-ZJ3 BK4-YC Established Care Factor
Monday, 2015-03-23
21:00 8MJO-4 L-AS00 Established The Army of Mango Alliance
07:00 8-4EFQ M4-GJ6 Ended Fraternity.
Sunday, 2015-03-22
20:30 Reya Imya Ended Amarr Empire