Time Constellation Staging System State
Wednesday, 2015-10-07
16:00 Angils Ualkin Ended Minmatar Republic
14:00 Arekin Kaimon Mobilizing Caldari State
04:00 J0-59Y 6U-1RX Mobilizing Northern Coalition.
Tuesday, 2015-10-06
17:00 Nasorin Azhgabid Mobilizing Amarr Empire
08:00 X7-FTR 4-M1TY Mobilizing Fraternity.
02:00 Angils Ualkin Established Minmatar Republic
01:00 GN-ACS VLGD-R Established The Syndicate
Monday, 2015-10-05
16:00 Haurala Kino Established Caldari State
03:00 X5O9-E I-HRX3 Ended Circle of Hell
Sunday, 2015-10-04
22:00 Nimedaz Chaktaren Ended Amarr Empire
20:00 Nasorin Azhgabid Established Amarr Empire
14:00 Anama Maalna Ended Amarr Empire
03:00 X5O9-E I-HRX3 Withdrawing Circle of Hell
02:00 X7-FTR 4-M1TY Established Fraternity.
Saturday, 2015-10-03
10:00 Finaka Geztic Ended Khanid Kingdom
08:00 J0-59Y 6U-1RX Established Northern Coalition.
04:00 Nimedaz Chaktaren Established Amarr Empire
00:00 Finaka Geztic Withdrawing Khanid Kingdom
00:00 6JCS-4 BUZ-DB Ended Brave Collective
Friday, 2015-10-02
16:00 Arekin Kaimon Established Caldari State