Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2015-08-28
09:00 8MJO-4 L-AS00 Established The Army of Mango Alliance
07:00 Zemont Zaimeth Established Amarr Empire
00:00 Orvanne Gererique Ended Gallente Federation
00:00 Kurala Prism Established Caldari State
Thursday, 2015-08-27
20:00 Homroon Neda Ended Khanid Kingdom
03:00 0FC-ZX J7-BDX Ended Union Pay
00:00 PFL-QY T-4H0B Mobilizing Northern Coalition.
Wednesday, 2015-08-26
20:00 Nagaslaiken Saikanen Ended Caldari State
20:00 Sukanan Tirbam Ended Amarr Empire
12:00 Unour Vilinnon Mobilizing Gallente Federation
10:00 Sukanan Tirbam Withdrawing Amarr Empire
07:00 Orvanne Gererique Mobilizing Gallente Federation
03:00 0FC-ZX J7-BDX Withdrawing Union Pay
Tuesday, 2015-08-25
15:00 Homroon Neda Established Khanid Kingdom
07:00 Nagaslaiken Saikanen Mobilizing Caldari State
05:00 Kraken Z30S-A Established Infensus
Monday, 2015-08-24
10:00 Sukanan Tirbam Mobilizing Amarr Empire
03:00 0FC-ZX J7-BDX Mobilizing Union Pay
01:00 OWT3-6 XR-ZL7 Ended Northern Coalition.
Sunday, 2015-08-23
04:00 Unour Vilinnon Established Gallente Federation