Time Constellation Staging System State
Wednesday, 2015-07-01
05:00 Satyr CHA2-Q Withdrawing The Initiative.
03:00 J33-JR TFPT-U Ended Circle of Hell
02:00 Ahrnot Kasi Established Amarr Empire
Tuesday, 2015-06-30
06:00 DYK-G8 4M-P1I Mobilizing Thukker Tribe
03:00 J33-JR TFPT-U Withdrawing Circle of Hell
Monday, 2015-06-29
21:00 Kurala Prism Established Caldari State
19:00 Ahrnot Kasi Ended Amarr Empire
15:00 Hoosa Horir Established Amarr Empire
10:00 Finaka Geztic Established Khanid Kingdom
05:00 Satyr CHA2-Q Mobilizing The Initiative.
04:00 Ahrnot Kasi Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2015-06-28
19:00 Urtfer Jorus Ended Minmatar Republic
17:00 Hed Lantorn Ended Minmatar Republic
03:00 J33-JR TFPT-U Mobilizing Circle of Hell
02:00 Hed Lantorn Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
Saturday, 2015-06-27
21:00 Asalola Torrinos Ended Caldari State
18:00 Asalola Torrinos Mobilizing Caldari State
Friday, 2015-06-26
19:00 Urtfer Jorus Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
19:00 J33-JR TFPT-U Established Circle of Hell
09:00 Satyr CHA2-Q Established The Initiative.