Time Constellation Staging System State
Tuesday, 2015-03-31
19:00 Daredan Akes Ended Amarr Empire
05:30 P-B2NE O9K-FT Established Pandemic Horde
00:00 Daredan Akes Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Monday, 2015-03-30
20:30 8MJO-4 L-AS00 Withdrawing The Army of Mango Alliance
18:30 Algintal Barmalie Established Gallente Federation
01:00 Mossas Shala Ended Ammatar Mandate
Sunday, 2015-03-29
21:30 VSC-W9 NIF-JE Mobilizing The Hivemind Federation Alliance
20:30 UD-ZJ3 BK4-YC Ended The Rogue Consortium
14:00 Haurala Kino Established Caldari State
05:00 Ishaga Hikkoken Established Caldari State
Saturday, 2015-03-28
21:00 8MJO-4 L-AS00 Mobilizing The Army of Mango Alliance
19:30 UD-ZJ3 BK4-YC Withdrawing The Rogue Consortium
18:00 Mossas Shala Mobilizing Ammatar Mandate
14:30 Mayonhen Mishi Ended Amarr Empire
Friday, 2015-03-27
19:00 Budar Ibani Ended Khanid Kingdom
15:00 Mayonhen Mishi Withdrawing Amarr Empire
05:30 Daredan Akes Established Amarr Empire
02:30 Budar Ibani Withdrawing Khanid Kingdom
02:30 Mossas Shala Established Ammatar Mandate
Thursday, 2015-03-26
20:00 UD-ZJ3 BK4-YC Mobilizing The Rogue Consortium