Time Constellation Staging System State
Tuesday, 2015-05-05
07:00 Sole A2V6-6 Withdrawing ORE
Monday, 2015-05-04
15:00 Santenpaa Motsu Mobilizing Caldari State
11:00 Tandoiras Haras Mobilizing Amarr Empire
10:00 Wyllequet Croleur Established Gallente Federation
06:00 Mobit Narai Established Amarr Empire
01:00 E1L-UY GTB-O4 Mobilizing Northern Coalition.
Sunday, 2015-05-03
20:00 Parrosa Kamda Ended Amarr Empire
18:00 59H-0G 5-VKCN Mobilizing The Syndicate
07:00 Sole A2V6-6 Mobilizing ORE
00:00 Aptetter Libold Ended Minmatar Republic
Saturday, 2015-05-02
21:00 Santenpaa Motsu Established Caldari State
09:00 Aptetter Libold Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
01:00 Ysiette Aclan Ended Gallente Federation
Friday, 2015-05-01
17:00 Ysiette Aclan Mobilizing Gallente Federation
03:00 Parrosa Kamda Established Amarr Empire
01:00 59H-0G 5-VKCN Established The Syndicate
Thursday, 2015-04-30
12:00 E1L-UY GTB-O4 Established Northern Coalition.
06:00 W-4U1E 0-HDC8 Ended Goonswarm Federation
Wednesday, 2015-04-29
22:00 Tandoiras Haras Established Amarr Empire
16:00 Zemont Zaimeth Ended Amarr Empire