Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2015-03-12
08:00 JZV-O6 FZ-6A5 Ended The Watchmen.
Wednesday, 2015-03-11
21:30 PFL-QY T-4H0B Ended Northern Coalition.
20:00 Qermi Lazara Mobilizing Amarr Empire
19:00 Damadil Perdan Ended Amarr Empire
14:00 Essin Hofjaldgund Ended Minmatar Republic
07:30 JZV-O6 FZ-6A5 Withdrawing The Watchmen.
07:30 Damadil Perdan Mobilizing Amarr Empire
01:00 5P4-QA M-XUZZ Mobilizing RAZOR Alliance
Tuesday, 2015-03-10
22:00 PFL-QY T-4H0B Withdrawing Northern Coalition.
19:30 Essin Hofjaldgund Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
14:00 Qermi Lazara Established Amarr Empire
06:00 Damadil Perdan Established Amarr Empire
Monday, 2015-03-09
23:00 Rifenda Ahkour Established Amarr Empire
16:00 Mossas Shala Ended Ammatar Mandate
10:30 5P4-QA M-XUZZ Established RAZOR Alliance
07:00 JZV-O6 FZ-6A5 Mobilizing The Watchmen.
00:00 Tsemshatel Yasud Ended Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2015-03-08
21:30 PFL-QY T-4H0B Mobilizing Northern Coalition.
20:30 Gedur Abrat Ended Minmatar Republic
19:00 Essin Hofjaldgund Mobilizing Minmatar Republic