Time Constellation Staging System State
Tuesday, 2019-01-01
20:30 Damadil Perdan Established Amarr Empire
19:40 Maal Bapraya Established Amarr Empire
19:30 Kisana Eredan Established Amarr Empire
17:30 YFN-UN XYY-IA Established The Syndicate
04:55 3TS-12 A0M-R8 Ended Brothers of Tangra
Monday, 2018-12-31
21:25 Ysiette Aclan Ended Gallente Federation
19:55 Megeh Dresi Ended Amarr Empire
16:45 Nohshayess Sazre Established Khanid Kingdom
11:55 Fua Amod Ended Amarr Empire
11:30 XPG-HE K76A-3 Mobilizing Pandemic Horde
04:55 3TS-12 A0M-R8 Withdrawing Brothers of Tangra
02:45 Ysiette Aclan Withdrawing Gallente Federation
02:25 Fua Amod Withdrawing Amarr Empire
00:40 Parrosa Kamda Ended Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2018-12-30
08:05 XPG-HE K76A-3 Established Pandemic Horde
06:15 Megeh Dresi Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2018-12-29
15:20 MY-QQI Z8-81T Established Rezeda Regnum
07:40 XI0-X2 N-YLOE Ended Brothers of Tangra
04:55 3TS-12 A0M-R8 Mobilizing Brothers of Tangra
02:45 Ysiette Aclan Mobilizing Gallente Federation