Time Constellation Staging System State
Wednesday, 2019-03-06
02:20 Charak Abhan Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Tuesday, 2019-03-05
23:50 Maddam Chesoh Established Amarr Empire
21:45 Fabas Heorah Ended Amarr Empire
18:30 Fabas Heorah Withdrawing Amarr Empire
12:00 Pegasus IR-WT1 Mobilizing The Initiative.
02:55 BUG6-X 5ZO-NZ Established Northern Coalition.
Monday, 2019-03-04
21:30 Sosarir Shumam Ended Amarr Empire
14:00 Meli Naka Mobilizing Amarr Empire
07:15 Pegasus IR-WT1 Established The Initiative.
05:10 YX-LYK MJXW-P Established Goonswarm Federation
04:25 Sosarir Shumam Withdrawing Amarr Empire
02:20 Charak Abhan Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2019-03-03
18:30 Fabas Heorah Mobilizing Amarr Empire
16:15 0-YMZM MOCW-2 Ended skill urself
14:20 HOV-VI I-9GI1 Ended Fraternity.
13:40 4YFT-F SG-75T Ended Fraternity.
Saturday, 2019-03-02
13:40 4YFT-F SG-75T Withdrawing Fraternity.
04:25 Sosarir Shumam Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Friday, 2019-03-01
23:40 HOV-VI I-9GI1 Mobilizing Fraternity.
18:15 Charak Abhan Established Amarr Empire