Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2019-06-28
09:55 Otsabaira Ukkalen Mobilizing Caldari State
02:40 Elerelle Agaullores Ended Gallente Federation
00:25 BXT7-V W-KXEX Mobilizing Fraternity.
Thursday, 2019-06-27
19:50 Elerelle Agaullores Mobilizing Gallente Federation
13:00 D61-WV OZ-DS5 Ended The Minions.
07:00 T-HHHT J6QB-P Mobilizing The Watchmen.
Wednesday, 2019-06-26
18:20 Elerelle Agaullores Established Gallente Federation
13:00 D61-WV OZ-DS5 Withdrawing The Minions.
Tuesday, 2019-06-25
14:50 Fua Amod Ended Amarr Empire
02:50 Otsabaira Ukkalen Established Caldari State
Monday, 2019-06-24
23:50 Fua Amod Established Amarr Empire
16:45 BXT7-V W-KXEX Established Fraternity.
13:00 D61-WV OZ-DS5 Mobilizing The Minions.
Sunday, 2019-06-23
21:45 Yestadan Cailanar Ended Amarr Empire
16:50 4-0VL9 Y8K-5B Ended Damned Brotherhood
13:25 Ishaga Hikkoken Ended Caldari State
00:50 Yestadan Cailanar Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2019-06-22
20:10 T-HHHT J6QB-P Established The Watchmen.
18:40 D61-WV OZ-DS5 Established The Minions.
18:15 Ishaga Hikkoken Established Caldari State