Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2019-05-09
02:15 Ankard Vilur Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
Wednesday, 2019-05-08
21:25 MY-QQI Z8-81T Mobilizing Rezeda Regnum
15:55 CL-QB2 M-4KDB Mobilizing RAZOR Alliance
07:20 Kiartanne Theruesse Established Gallente Federation
Tuesday, 2019-05-07
20:00 Argeir Klaevik Established Minmatar Republic
15:10 Inolari Pavanakka Established Caldari State
12:25 1VN-XC CT8K-0 Established Silver Dragonz
02:10 Ankard Vilur Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
Monday, 2019-05-06
21:20 38G6-L ROIR-Y Ended Servant Sisters of EVE
20:10 Mulata Hizhara Ended Amarr Empire
19:50 Hoosa Horir Ended Amarr Empire
15:05 CL-QB2 M-4KDB Established RAZOR Alliance
11:40 Mareerieh Vehan Ended Amarr Empire
01:40 Hoosa Horir Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2019-05-05
21:25 38G6-L ROIR-Y Withdrawing Servant Sisters of EVE
13:20 Mareerieh Vehan Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2019-05-04
21:20 Mulata Hizhara Mobilizing Amarr Empire
19:15 9P57-V S-1LIO Ended Pandemic Legion
03:30 Ankard Vilur Established Minmatar Republic
01:40 Hoosa Horir Mobilizing Amarr Empire