Time Constellation Staging System State
Tuesday, 2020-06-09
13:00 Kisana Eredan Established Amarr Empire
11:35 Afinoo Hier Ended Amarr Empire
03:55 C45-9Y C-0ND2 Ended Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies
00:40 C45-9Y C-0ND2 Withdrawing Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies
Monday, 2020-06-08
19:30 Afinoo Hier Mobilizing Amarr Empire
15:55 Kisana Eredan Ended Amarr Empire
04:25 UWRZ-2 L-C3O7 Mobilizing United Federation of Conifers
02:40 Kisana Eredan Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2020-06-07
17:55 XHYS-O W3KK-R Mobilizing Guristas Pirates
17:40 Afinoo Hier Established Amarr Empire
00:35 C45-9Y C-0ND2 Mobilizing Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies
Saturday, 2020-06-06
11:45 Seevadin Upt Ended Khanid Kingdom
02:35 Kisana Eredan Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Friday, 2020-06-05
20:10 XHYS-O W3KK-R Established Guristas Pirates
17:15 Seevadin Upt Withdrawing Khanid Kingdom
05:15 KUSW-P RBW-8G Ended Test Alliance Please Ignore
Thursday, 2020-06-04
08:55 Kisana Eredan Established Amarr Empire
05:15 KUSW-P RBW-8G Withdrawing Test Alliance Please Ignore
03:55 UWRZ-2 L-C3O7 Established United Federation of Conifers
Wednesday, 2020-06-03
17:15 Seevadin Upt Mobilizing Khanid Kingdom