Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2019-10-17
19:30 Semou Arzad Ended Amarr Empire
17:05 WMP-OF M-76XI Mobilizing United Federation of Conifers
08:10 Damadil Perdan Established Amarr Empire
03:50 Semou Arzad Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Wednesday, 2019-10-16
03:45 4YFT-F SG-75T Ended Toilet Paper.
Tuesday, 2019-10-15
18:40 Somi Matyas Ended Amarr Empire
03:50 Semou Arzad Mobilizing Amarr Empire
03:45 4YFT-F SG-75T Withdrawing Toilet Paper.
03:25 UK-MI6 C-J7CR Established Scumlords
Monday, 2019-10-14
22:45 Somi Matyas Withdrawing Amarr Empire
14:40 WMP-OF M-76XI Established United Federation of Conifers
Sunday, 2019-10-13
14:25 N-LY4R LVL-GZ Ended Legion of xXDEATHXx
13:00 Q-IPAA PPFB-U Ended Warped Intentions
03:50 4YFT-F SG-75T Mobilizing Toilet Paper.
Saturday, 2019-10-12
23:40 Semou Arzad Established Amarr Empire
22:50 Somi Matyas Mobilizing Amarr Empire
14:20 N-LY4R LVL-GZ Withdrawing Legion of xXDEATHXx
Friday, 2019-10-11
22:30 Q-IPAA PPFB-U Established Warped Intentions
11:30 Viriette Brarel Ended Gallente Federation
01:25 Somi Matyas Established Amarr Empire