Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2021-02-05
10:05 AU-S0B D-9UEV Ended Requiem Eternal
Thursday, 2021-02-04
12:25 MK7-AO A-3ES3 Established The Syndicate
10:05 AU-S0B D-9UEV Withdrawing Requiem Eternal
Wednesday, 2021-02-03
15:35 GFE-SS HE5T-A Ended The Stars of northern moon
12:00 C-ULS4 P7Z-R3 Established Caladrius Alliance
03:05 Eustron Andole Established Gallente Federation
Tuesday, 2021-02-02
10:30 Unour Vilinnon Ended Gallente Federation
10:00 AU-S0B D-9UEV Mobilizing Requiem Eternal
02:56 Unour Vilinnon Established Gallente Federation
02:40 K-JO26 UVHO-F Ended Pandemic Horde
Monday, 2021-02-01
18:05 GFE-SS HE5T-A Established The Stars of northern moon
15:30 Kurala Prism Established Caldari State
02:35 K-JO26 UVHO-F Withdrawing Pandemic Horde
Sunday, 2021-01-31
19:55 Reya Imya Ended Amarr Empire
16:40 Satyr CHA2-Q Ended The Initiative.
11:35 Akar Baratar Ended Khanid Kingdom
Saturday, 2021-01-30
20:55 Reya Imya Withdrawing Amarr Empire
16:35 Satyr CHA2-Q Withdrawing The Initiative.
03:55 AU-S0B D-9UEV Established Requiem Eternal
02:35 K-JO26 UVHO-F Mobilizing Pandemic Horde