Time Constellation Staging System State
Saturday, 2018-12-29
02:25 Fua Amod Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Friday, 2018-12-28
22:55 Parrosa Kamda Mobilizing Amarr Empire
14:35 Megeh Dresi Established Amarr Empire
08:05 K-N3MD B-KDOZ Ended Federation Uprising
07:40 XI0-X2 N-YLOE Withdrawing Brothers of Tangra
Thursday, 2018-12-27
20:20 Ihilakken Sakenta Ended Caldari State
16:55 3TS-12 A0M-R8 Established Brothers of Tangra
11:40 Ysiette Aclan Established Gallente Federation
09:35 Ihilakken Sakenta Withdrawing Caldari State
08:05 K-N3MD B-KDOZ Withdrawing Federation Uprising
00:35 Hydra 87XQ-0 Ended Goonswarm Federation
Wednesday, 2018-12-26
17:00 Megeh Dresi Ended Amarr Empire
12:30 Megeh Dresi Mobilizing Amarr Empire
07:40 XI0-X2 N-YLOE Mobilizing Brothers of Tangra
02:00 Fua Amod Established Amarr Empire
Tuesday, 2018-12-25
09:35 Ihilakken Sakenta Mobilizing Caldari State
08:30 Parrosa Kamda Established Amarr Empire
08:05 K-N3MD B-KDOZ Mobilizing Federation Uprising
05:55 Hydra 87XQ-0 Established Goonswarm Federation
Monday, 2018-12-24
19:30 Tandoiras Haras Ended Amarr Empire