Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2019-12-26
18:30 Mekashtad Pirohdim Ended Ammatar Mandate
13:50 Prelle O-BDXB Ended The Initiative.
Wednesday, 2019-12-25
22:15 Aven Olin Established Amarr Empire
13:55 Prelle O-BDXB Withdrawing The Initiative.
13:45 Mekashtad Pirohdim Mobilizing Ammatar Mandate
05:00 4BZ-R3 I7S-1S Established Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Tuesday, 2019-12-24
13:05 8K-CHA 9-KWXC Established Pandemic Horde
11:45 Aguh Hahyil Ended Ammatar Mandate
06:40 2-M6DE M2-CF1 Ended The Syndicate
Monday, 2019-12-23
15:30 Aguh Hahyil Withdrawing Ammatar Mandate
15:00 Chimera AV-VB6 Ended The Initiative.
13:50 Prelle O-BDXB Mobilizing The Initiative.
06:40 2-M6DE M2-CF1 Withdrawing The Syndicate
Sunday, 2019-12-22
14:00 Mekashtad Pirohdim Established Ammatar Mandate
Saturday, 2019-12-21
18:25 Prelle O-BDXB Established The Initiative.
15:35 Aguh Hahyil Mobilizing Ammatar Mandate
06:40 2-M6DE M2-CF1 Mobilizing The Syndicate
02:30 Peges Ahteer Ended Amarr Empire
Friday, 2019-12-20
22:15 3B-IWE K4-RFZ Ended Goonswarm Federation
06:20 3B-IWE K4-RFZ Withdrawing Goonswarm Federation