Time Constellation Staging System State
Monday, 2018-12-24
14:35 Zemont Zaimeth Ended Amarr Empire
09:05 Tandoiras Haras Withdrawing Amarr Empire
04:50 RTCU-5 FYI-49 Ended Tactical Supremacy
01:30 XI0-X2 N-YLOE Established Brothers of Tangra
00:10 Zemont Zaimeth Withdrawing Amarr Empire
Sunday, 2018-12-23
21:10 K-N3MD B-KDOZ Established Federation Uprising
19:20 RTCU-5 FYI-49 Mobilizing Tactical Supremacy
Saturday, 2018-12-22
09:05 Tandoiras Haras Mobilizing Amarr Empire
00:10 Zemont Zaimeth Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Friday, 2018-12-21
21:45 O5PO-O AK-L0Z Ended skill urself
18:40 O9X-CV IAMJ-Q Ended Da Imbalance
14:00 Megeh Dresi Established Amarr Empire
07:30 RTCU-5 FYI-49 Established Tactical Supremacy
Thursday, 2018-12-20
21:50 O5PO-O AK-L0Z Withdrawing skill urself
20:35 Moghiz Yehnifi Ended Amarr Empire
18:40 O9X-CV IAMJ-Q Withdrawing Da Imbalance
11:10 Ihilakken Sakenta Established Caldari State
09:10 Moghiz Yehnifi Mobilizing Amarr Empire
09:10 Centaur D2AH-Z Ended The Initiative.
Wednesday, 2018-12-19
03:20 Tandoiras Haras Established Amarr Empire