Time Constellation Staging System State
Thursday, 2019-10-10
19:05 O5K-Y6 1B-VKF Ended Goonswarm Federation
18:45 O5K-Y6 1B-VKF Withdrawing Goonswarm Federation
14:25 N-LY4R LVL-GZ Mobilizing Legion of xXDEATHXx
Wednesday, 2019-10-09
21:35 Ancbeu Chesiette Ended Gallente Federation
10:20 N-LY4R LVL-GZ Established Legion of xXDEATHXx
08:20 Ancbeu Chesiette Withdrawing Gallente Federation
03:30 4YFT-F SG-75T Established Toilet Paper.
Tuesday, 2019-10-08
21:00 Viriette Brarel Established Gallente Federation
18:45 O5K-Y6 1B-VKF Mobilizing Goonswarm Federation
01:25 F-RA63 RF-CN3 Ended Stellae Renascitur
Monday, 2019-10-07
20:25 OC-TTA A-J6SN Ended Solyaris Chtonium
18:45 O5K-Y6 1B-VKF Established Goonswarm Federation
12:00 Woenckee Muetralle Ended Gallente Federation
08:25 Ancbeu Chesiette Mobilizing Gallente Federation
01:20 F-RA63 RF-CN3 Withdrawing Stellae Renascitur
Sunday, 2019-10-06
20:25 OC-TTA A-J6SN Withdrawing Solyaris Chtonium
16:05 XPJ1-6 PR-8CA Ended Blood Raider Covenant
15:00 Woenckee Muetralle Withdrawing Gallente Federation
11:40 XPJ1-6 PR-8CA Withdrawing Blood Raider Covenant
Saturday, 2019-10-05
01:25 F-RA63 RF-CN3 Mobilizing Stellae Renascitur