Time Constellation Staging System State
Friday, 2019-08-09
10:30 Akar Baratar Withdrawing Khanid Kingdom
05:00 NOB-HD 7F-2FB Ended Circle of Hell
00:55 VSC-W9 NIF-JE Established VINDICTIVE
Thursday, 2019-08-08
17:55 Nohshayess Sazre Established Khanid Kingdom
05:00 NOB-HD 7F-2FB Withdrawing Circle of Hell
00:25 BZ-10K X7R-JW Ended Siberian Squads
Wednesday, 2019-08-07
21:05 Aptetter Libold Ended Minmatar Republic
10:30 Akar Baratar Mobilizing Khanid Kingdom
00:25 BZ-10K X7R-JW Withdrawing Siberian Squads
Tuesday, 2019-08-06
22:05 Aptetter Libold Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
05:00 NOB-HD 7F-2FB Mobilizing Circle of Hell
04:15 E65-47 ZWM-BB Established Circle of Hell
Monday, 2019-08-05
00:25 BZ-10K X7R-JW Mobilizing Siberian Squads
Sunday, 2019-08-04
22:00 Aptetter Libold Mobilizing Minmatar Republic
14:35 4ZXC-8 5-IH57 Ended No Value
Saturday, 2019-08-03
23:20 NOB-HD 7F-2FB Established Circle of Hell
14:35 4ZXC-8 5-IH57 Withdrawing No Value
Friday, 2019-08-02
20:30 Akar Baratar Established Khanid Kingdom
16:55 YZKE-Q DB1R-4 Ended Invidia Gloriae Comes
Thursday, 2019-08-01
16:55 YZKE-Q DB1R-4 Withdrawing Invidia Gloriae Comes