Time Constellation Staging System State
Wednesday, 2020-08-19
10:10 XPBM-F O94U-A Established Fraternity.
05:55 NT1-5Q DE-IHK Established Fraternity.
Tuesday, 2020-08-18
22:55 KR-XF4 U6D-9A Mobilizing Pandemic Horde
22:20 Kihkounad Partod Withdrawing Amarr Empire
15:45 Qermi Lazara Mobilizing Amarr Empire
05:00 GDBW-2 UYG-YX Ended Northern Coalition.
Monday, 2020-08-17
23:15 W9MQ-1 S-1ZXZ Ended Guristas Pirates
17:00 GDBW-2 UYG-YX Mobilizing Northern Coalition.
11:50 W9MQ-1 S-1ZXZ Withdrawing Guristas Pirates
03:20 KR-XF4 U6D-9A Established Pandemic Horde
Sunday, 2020-08-16
22:20 Kihkounad Partod Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2020-08-15
18:41 Qermi Lazara Established Amarr Empire
16:25 FDR-EQ X3FQ-W Ended The Watchmen.
14:15 Kihkounad Partod Established Amarr Empire
11:50 W9MQ-1 S-1ZXZ Mobilizing Guristas Pirates
Friday, 2020-08-14
17:25 Amevync Esesier Ended Gallente Federation
16:25 FDR-EQ X3FQ-W Withdrawing The Watchmen.
04:50 Tsemshatel Yasud Ended Amarr Empire
Thursday, 2020-08-13
19:40 Amevync Esesier Withdrawing Gallente Federation
02:30 W9MQ-1 S-1ZXZ Established Guristas Pirates