Time Constellation Staging System State
Wednesday, 2019-02-20
08:40 2-M6DE M2-CF1 Mobilizing The Syndicate
07:15 M9-AN3 1ACJ-6 Withdrawing Unspoken Alliance.
Tuesday, 2019-02-19
14:40 Rapture CVY-UC Withdrawing Angel Cartel
13:45 Mareerieh Vehan Established Amarr Empire
07:35 Ajah Sizamod Mobilizing Amarr Empire
04:20 Zemont Zaimeth Mobilizing Amarr Empire
Monday, 2019-02-18
18:00 Tartatven Muttokon Ended Minmatar Republic
07:15 M9-AN3 1ACJ-6 Mobilizing Unspoken Alliance.
05:45 Yestadan Cailanar Established Amarr Empire
03:15 Tartatven Muttokon Established Minmatar Republic
Sunday, 2019-02-17
14:40 Rapture CVY-UC Mobilizing Angel Cartel
10:10 Zemont Zaimeth Established Amarr Empire
Saturday, 2019-02-16
21:00 2-M6DE M2-CF1 Established The Syndicate
21:00 Aokinen Astoh Ended Caldari State
19:25 Afinoo Hier Ended Amarr Empire
01:30 Afinoo Hier Established Amarr Empire
Friday, 2019-02-15
21:40 Aokinen Astoh Withdrawing Caldari State
21:40 Odengsolf Balginia Ended Minmatar Republic
16:45 Odengsolf Balginia Withdrawing Minmatar Republic
10:45 3R-BJL XW2H-V Ended Fraternity.